Oh and...

Sacha Baron Cohen ruined a catwalk and Milan fashion week, he jumped on half way through the "Agata Luiz della Prada" show and had to be dragged off.
He also got backstage at the "iceburg" show and started jumping on all the rails of clothes.. haha, the Dsquared2 security stopped him before he got to get to them..

so funny though.

It's all for his new film called "Bruno: Delicious journeys through America for the purpose of making metrosexual male" which he filmed something for in front of the Duomo, and I was there, so I could be in the background when his films airs.

Sunday, I stayed in, dosed up and did some work. Borrrrring!

Monday, I went to work, finished all my articles then went to Jasons place and just hung out, then me and giles went to the duomo, and met Lisa and Erika, then we went to a sushi bar for apertivo, joined afterwards by Jason.. It was soo nice, i love that sushi bar.. love it. and then we went to a quiant hidden away lounge, it was beautiful place, covered in trees and it was just beautiful...

this blog was written like a child... and then... and then.... then... and then.... i do apologise.

Home soon... oh my godddddd


Catwalk at fashion week

After shocking I had like 2 hours sleep and had to get up and go to a fashion show, I am not complaining down you worry. The fashion show was that of a girl called Kira plastinina, she is FIFTEEN years old and is like minted from all this desgining, has won all these awards and has stores in the us and russia etc.. SHE IS 15, ive achieved nothing in comparison.. pictures of the show will be uploaded soon, i just cant find anywhere to upload pictures at the moment, they are all too big or something.

chilled with jason, giles and sophie afterwards then went to bed at half 8, because i was tired and im ill, i have a ear infection. =(

(feel sorry for me)

Weekend (26th)

Friday, in the night I went to apertivio with the global experience lot, there were 3 new girls so we went along to welcome them to Italy or something like that, I just went along for my complimentary free drink! haha, which was of course a mojito. We got on quite well, so afterwards we went home, got changed then went out to a club, called "shocking", I thought it was quite small, but it was good all the same, we asked for sambucca shots and they were like MASSIVE, you had to down and gulp, not shoot it back.. i repeat down and GULP.. Lisa and Samantha asked for water afterwards it was so much, haha, but i didnt.. because i rullllleeee... haha, Ekaterina and Funny joined us a bit later but I didnt see them, and I got Begga, Helga and Natosha in because i knew the guy, but they were really drunk so didnt stay long. went to a pizza place afterwards, and giles told someone he looked like "rocky" the film, and the guy WHO DID LOOK THE SPITTING IMAGE OF HIM,was not impressed and his friend had to drag him away before he went rocky on giles assssss...

Welcome to Milan Lisa, Erica and Samantha.

P:S the dirty smelly korean has moved out of my apartment helllllll yessssssssssssssssssssssss!


Fashion week party

I went to one last night, all decked out lovely and sparkly. I was dressed really nice. Free flowing champagne... can't really complain can I?! No, I didn't think so.



I got my press pass for Milan fashion week

A woooopaaaa!
on the card it says i work for Hello! the magazine from england, haha but I dont care for their mistake as i have the press pass... ohhh yeahhhh, so ive been there pretty much this week and i have articles to write and people to call.. and tonight im going to a milanfashion week party..

either dsquared2 Or art/magic decor..

Good times..

just over 3 weeks left... see you all sooooooooooooooooon

well not if i can help it



Went to the airport to collect her, and then as soon as we got to the apartment we had to quickley get changed to out, Ekaterina, Funny, Jason, Giles and Sophie all came to mine to pre drink then we caught taxis to karma where we met Ricardo and Babara. Had such a good night, the pictures really do talk to for themselves.. and we got in at 8in the morning.
Jossi and I didnt really do much sunday, in the day.. hahaha, fat little retards in the bed.. then in the night we went for coffee and drinks at duomo and castello with Jason and Giles. So a quiet but nice one.
Monday we went shopping, and a coffee at navigli.. before getting ready to go to old fashioned. Ekaterina, Funny, Jason, Giles, Begga and Helga and me and Jossi of course, all went.. but Begga and Helga didnt actually go in at the end, so i dont know what has happened to them, because i havnt heard from them since. haha.
anyway, we had a really good night, although Jason and Giles started a fight and got kicked out, so we felt obliged to leave with them. so the night ended earlier than expected.. but still I think we had a good time, swank dancing and what not. Do you know what actually, i coudlnt fit all the quotes into one blog and you lot just wouldnt understaaand, so ima keep the jokes for me and swanky mcswank herself for when i return to Southampton!
Tuesday, we went to the roof of duomo, and we walked it this time. holy christ I.am.unfit. stayed there for a while, then went to the lounge at the top of la rhinascente for coffee and we just stuck out like sore thumbs, we looked like tramps up against some people, and jossi got given a spoon with her orange juice so didnt know what to do with it, i took a bite out of the snacks and thought it was so disgusting that i had to down water and hide it in a tissue, because i didnt want to leave it have open on the side of the plate.... good god, funny times.
Then took jossi to the airport via malpensa... so thats another guest been and gone.. god daaaam.

but so much fun all the same!